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I'm not going to lie, it's 2:20am, and I need to be up in about five hours. I'm putting off great episode of X-Files (it's season 8, which I know is iffy, but it's the one with the mutant bat that stalks prey for years, so it's solid) mostly just so I can see what this blog looks like with something on it. So I suppose 1st post = welcome post. Please sit down and relax. There is chocolate cake in the fridge, and help yourself to the whiskey on the table. Coats go on the bed.

A bit about the plan: I am, surprise!, going on a trip soon. I will be leaving Paris, going down East Africa, veering slightly into Central Africa, then to S. Africa, before shooting over to S. America and snaking my way up from there. Hopefully sometime around summer I will arrive gloriously tanned on the doorstep of my best friend near San Diego. Hijinks will ensue.

But in the meantime I'm hoping to explore Nairobi, search for Eames in Mombasa, summit the Kilimanjaro, do a walking Safari, spend some time in Zanzibar, search out some caves in Zambia, and jump off a bridge near Victoria Falls. Then I'll be getting on a wide-bodied aircraft to soar over Earth before...Hiking the Patagonia, drinking wine with gauchos, and joining a travelling pan-flute pipe band in Peru.

A bit about me: I am 28 year old writer who hails from Seattle but currently lives in Paris. I also work part-time as a language teacher for kids, and can usually be found reading on the metro. Usually non-fiction. Right now it's a lot of Brian Greene and David Sedaris. I have a dog who is staying with family. He is the business and his name is Elliott. Expect pictures of him.

So that seems sufficient for now. I'm going unpause my show and listen to Scully give reasonable analysis of situations. She is after all a medical doctor with a background in hard science.


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